Monday, May 23, 2011

SET 1: Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery is my favorite from the book and the movies. She's daring, cute, sweet, and a total kickass in terms of fashion. This is how I see her dressing up. Do keep in mind that I am basing this on the book Aria. :D

Gonna do this awesome 100 sets challenge on Polyvore. ;)

The Aria Montgomery Challenge
01 Aria Montgomery
02 Lucy Hale
03 Ezra Fitz
04 Ian Harding
05 Aria & Ezra
06 Aria & Noel
07 Aria & Alison
08 Aria’s Fashion Sense
09 Aria’s Family: Ella & Byron, Mike
10 A’s messages
The Spencer Hastings Challenge
11 Spencer Hastings
12 Troian Bellisario
13 Spencer & Wren
14 Spencer & Ian
15 Spencer & Alex
16 Spencer & Toby
17 Spencer & Alison
18 Spencer’s Fashion Sense
19 Spencer’s Sister: Melissa
20 A’s messages
The Hanna Marin Challenge
21 Hanna Marin
22 Ashley Benson
23 Hanna & Mona
24 Hanna & Alison
25 Hanna & Sean
26 Hanna & Lucas
27 Hanna & Caleb
28 Hanna’s Fashion Sense
29 Hanna’s Mother: Ashley
30 A’s messages
The Emily Fields Challenge
31 Emily Fields
32 Shay Mitchel
33 Emily & Ben
34 Emily & Alison
35 Emily & Maya
36 Emily & Paige
37 Emily & Samara
38 Emily’s Fashion Sense
39 Emily’s Mother: Pam
40 A’s messages
The Episodes’ Challenge
41 Pilot
42 The Jenna Thing
43 To Kill a Mocking Girl
44 Can You Hear Me Now?
45 Reality Bites
46 There’s No Place Like Homecoming
47 The Homecoming Hangover
48 Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone 
49 The Perfect Storm
50 Keep Your Friends Close
51 Moments Later
52 Salt Meets Wound
53 Know Your Frenemies
54 Careful What You Wish For
55 If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again 
56 Je Suis Une Amie (I Am a Friend) 
57 The New Normal 
58 A Person of Interest 
59 Someone to Watch Over Me 
60 Monsters in the End 
61 For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Fun Challenge
62 Favorite Main Character
63 Favorite Supporting Character
64 Favorite Couple
65 Creepiest Couple
66 Who’s A?
67 Whose Kissing Who?
68 We All Have Secrets
69 The Guys 
70 The Girls 
71 Other Liars
72 Quote: Alision: "That's immortality my darlings"
73 Ali's Funeral 
74 Ali’s Memorial 
75 Sara Shepard's guest role 
76 Behind the scenes 
77 Swim Meets 
78 Stolen Money 
79 Broken Hearts 
80 Quote: Caleb: “What do you like to do for fun on weekends? Break old ladies’ hips?” (From Episode 18: “The Badass Seed”)
81 Quote: Hanna: “And now your mom’s back there packing boxes.” Emily: “Maybe we can pack her up.” (From Episode 22, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”)
82 Favorite Moment
83 Favorite Episode
84 Favorite Quote – Not an A messages
85 Favorite A message
86 Most Shocking Secret
87 Most Shocking Moment
88 Behind the Scenes

My First Day of School Must Wear

I study in a you-must-wear-a-uniform-whether-you-like-it-or-not school. So basically I can't rock this look on my first day as a senior. Pfft. But I could, I would wear this. It's comfortable and immediately gives a statement. I mean, just look at that shirt! And that boots! And that little cassette pendant! Okay, dokey, enough squealing.

As I was saying, this is more or less my perfect first day of school outfit. There's comfort, style, and statement. What else can you ask for? For me, an outfit with those three gets an automatic check.

For me, these should be the basic components of a first day of school outfit.

  • a comfy shirt that does not break the dress code
  • some denim (jeans, shorts, skirts, vests, whatev...)
  • a big, spacious bag (maybe not that big, but still spacious. and versatile! and sturdy!)
  • some cute accessories that you can use to start conversations
  • comfy flats that you can run uber fast in (FLATS, people, FLATS. no matter how comfy your heels are, it's better to use flats. :D)
  • and of course, a killer smile and hefty amount of confidence.
With all of that it hand, I'm ready to go and walk the hallways! After all, school's my runway! LOL.

This outfit a little bit daring or a little bit not your style? No worries! You can always dress this down by these steps.

  • use regular gladiator flats instead of the boot-style ones.
  • wear jeans
  • use a more fitted shirt
  • stock up on the necklaces and use a simple colored shirt.

So, that's it, and thank you so much for reading! :)

Picture is from my account. LINKY LINKY LINK LINK.